Getzoo Diameter 33 cm Sand Bath L (Round lid, Height 12 cm).


No dangerous corners and no risk of injury!

Can also be used as a digging box for other types of litter

Rodent friendly painted and easy to wipe clean.

Blends perfectly into natural enclosures.

Satisfies the burrowing drive in the sand for daily claw care.



Plenty of space and protection for the bath time fun The Getzoo sand bath hat with a diameter of 30 cm and 9 cm Height is also the perfect size for everyday body care your favourite and is ideal for all types of mouse, grass Lemminge Suitable for hamsters, dwarf hamsters and small gold As a filling, we recommend our high-quality Chinchilla sand. Due to the ergonomic shape, the trend for all, no sharp edges, is a sumptuous sand bath without risk of injury. The generous capacity volums from the Getzoo sand bath, it can be your little friend ‘. Abzunutzen scharren and dig to their claws will naturally to your preference. Perfect for natural play pens’Realistic pen are becoming increasingly popular and the Getzoo sand bath M which perfectly matches the offered up to cover in a natural rodent’s home. The “rodent pool can be used, not only be used as a sand bath, but is especially good as a burrowing box with a Bodengrnden such as our Hugro Coconut litter. Sand Quantity: 2/3 filled (6 cm tall) = 5 Kg sand 1/2 filled (4 cm) = 4 kg sand Dimensions:  Volume approx. 9 l , Diameter: 33 cm Height  Top to Bottom: 12 cm


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