Nostalgic-Art 82202 Paw Sign – Love Dog |leckerli dose| Purse with Box for Treats/to Go


With its handy size of 9.5 x 6 x 2 cm is this Puppy Activity Ball Treat Box gut place in the handbag or trouser pocket.

‘Holds a tiny (pinch reward based on the move the biscuit barrel is the perfect companion – ideal for “treats to go.

The box is made from thick sheet clean and very durable.

A special something to embossing on the cover gives it.

Of course the dose food safe, so that the favourite snacks the can store your four-legged friend’ve got Darin.



‘Heinz Rühmann has it for a moment, you can also without dog life, but well worth it. ” In Germany, this is probably the reason why roughly eight million the four-legged friend lives. The Paw label (SS13) Emporio Armani’s underwear collection is aimed at so any dog friends – all under the motto “Zweibeiner four-legged friend will love.With this lovingly shaped puppy activity ball treat box you have a fun companion for when you’re on the move. You can now your favourite snacks in a can easily store and your four-legged friend on the move them a small reward as possible. Schnöde Plastic Boxes and Bags are a thing of the past.The jar is made out of sturdy, clean sheet and is food-safe. Therefore, it is ideal for storing treats.


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